Free counters! My name is Angie.
My name is Angie.

Angie, 22, from Ohio. Multi-fandom blog. Vegetarian. Zumba dancer. Concert goer. Currently learning guitar. I believe we're all just lovers, I see hope in everyone.


lets play a game of “was that post not funny or did no one see it yet”

Please tell me
I’m not as forgettable
as your silence
is making me feel.
M.S. (via spuandi)


Why is fifty shades of Grey getting a movie when there’s my immortal


Bloodhound Gang - Uhn tiss, uhn tiss, uhn tiss (dirty version)

Back in the day, I had a major crush on Jimmy Pop… D:

Sexy ♡

How does one “slip carefully” ?

Props to whoever made this

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